I just found a new family to babysit for through math class

I can give you my loneliness, my darkness, the
      hunger of my heart; I am trying to bribe you 
      with uncertainty, with danger, with defeat.


"I think society’s emphasis on family forces us into relationships that are otherwise unhealthy. Sure, a long time ago, when people lived miles from civilization, family was all you had. There was a very practical purpose to sticking together. But now I have six million people in my backyard. Why should I be wasting time with someone I don’t like just because they have the same last name as me?"

I know I love you, and you love the sea

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Lauren Cohan in Los Angeles Magazine (spring 2014)

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If stones could talk by gb_packards Thank you for the 1 million views! on Flickr.

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The northern end of an overpass that once supported steam locomotives traveling from Palos to Moores Junction, a 41 mile trek, in southeast Ohio. This beautiful structure is located along Bender Road outside Marietta. Belonging to the Marietta, Columbus and Cleveland Railroad, the line was abandoned by the mid-1920s.

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do i even have a sense of humour anymore or do i just laugh at badly worded sentences

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some of my fave looks of 2013! See more @ gabifresh.com! Happy New Year, guys!!!!